1. BALADE INCONTOURNABLE : Découvrez les lieux les plus emblématiques de Genève avec Welo !

Geneva Must See : Discover the most emblematic places of Geneva with Welo ! Welo offers tuktuk, bicycle taxi and bicycle rides to discover the wonders of Geneva. These ecological and silent vehicles will allow you to move around the city while being in harmony with the environment. In addition, our professional drivers will take you to the most emblematic places in Geneva, offering interesting comments and anecdotes about the city.

What can you discover with Welo? The options are numerous! For example, you could explore Geneva's old town, where you can admire the historic buildings and cobbled streets. You could also go to the Parc des Bastions to admire the famous Reformers' Wall and the Horloge Fleurie. Of course, you can't miss a visit to Geneva's famous water fountain, one of the city's most iconic monuments.

Discover also the beautiful Geneva Parks, like the Perle du Lac, the Parc des Eaux-Vives, or even the Pointe de la Jonction. Discovering Geneva by tuktuk is a unique experience that allows you to see the city from a different angle. Unlike bus or walking tours, Welo's tuktuk allows you to explore Geneva in depth, without missing any details.

The tuktuk and bike taxis are also very manoeuvrable, allowing our professional drivers to take you into narrow streets or places that are difficult for other types of vehicles to access. The tuktuk and bike taxis are also very comfortable and offer a panoramic view of the city. Our vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats and blankets to keep you warm on cooler days. The vehicles are also open, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and take spectacular photos of the city.

In addition to offering original, eco-friendly rides through Geneva, Welo.swiss is a local company that highlights the city's rich culture and history. We work closely with local actors to offer authentic and unforgettable experiences to our clients.

So, are you ready for a unique experience in Geneva with our Geneva Must See Tour

Contact Welo to book your tuktuk, bike taxi or bike tour now and discover the wonders of the city!

Parc des Eaux-Vives