A Chocolate Tuktuk Ride: The Essence of Geneva’s Chocolateries

Welcome to a unique sensory experience, where the magic of Swiss chocolate blends with the elegance of our electric Tuktuks. This delightful chocolate ride takes you through the picturesque streets of Geneva to discover the hidden treasures of legendary chocolatiers: Sweetzerland, Favarger, La Bonbonière, or Charlie Ganache. On board our Tuktuks, every turn becomes an adventure, every street reveals a new chapter in the Swiss chocolate story. Our local drivers, passionate about their city, enhance your journey with captivating anecdotes and facts about Geneva.

Our journey begins at Sweetzerland, a renowned chocolate shop known for its artistic creations. Delicate pralines, exquisite truffles, and finely crafted chocolate bars awakened our senses to a variety of exquisite flavors. From there, we headed to Favarger, a chocolate institution that combines tradition and innovation. The nostalgic atmosphere, combined with contemporary chocolate creations, created an experience rich in contrasts and delights. The journey continued to La Bonbonière, a chocolate shop where each chocolate is a unique work of art, created with passion and devotion to chocolate tradition. Finally, our chocolate adventure led us to Charlie Ganache, where the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity gave rise to exceptional chocolate creations.

From innovative pralines to fragrant ganaches, each piece tells a story of artisanal mastery. Your immersion goes beyond the usual tasting. At each stop, the doors of the chocolate shops open to welcome you. Savor exquisite chocolates directly in the boutiques where they come to life. Let yourself be guided by passionate artisans who share the secrets of Swiss chocolate making. For those seeking a more interactive experience, our Chocolate Workshops are a journey in themselves. Awaken the artist in you by creating your own chocolate delights under the guidance of master chocolatiers. It's an ideal experience for groups, offering a perfect blend of creativity, learning, and tasting.

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Why Choose Welo?

• Gourmet Escape: Dive into the most renowned chocolate shops in Geneva.

• Comfort and Elegance: Explore Geneva aboard our electric Tuktuks, combining style and sustainability.

• Geneva Stories: Our local drivers enrich your experience with fascinating stories and facts.

• Authentic Discovery: Savor chocolates in the chocolate shops themselves, learning about Swiss chocolate culture.

• Chocolate Workshops: A complete immersion with the opportunity to create your own chocolate masterpiece.

This chocolate odyssey with Welo is much more than a simple tasting. It's an immersive adventure that explores the delights of Swiss chocolate while revealing the hidden treasures of Geneva. Embark with us on an experience that will awaken all your senses, from exquisite flavors to captivating stories. Welo, where every journey becomes a memorable adventure! 🍫🚗✨

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