Top Picks: Must-Try Swiss Food

A Guide to the Best Swiss Traditional Dishes

Geneva, a city steeped in culture and history, is not only defined by its international institutions and stunning Lake Geneva. Geneva's cuisine also offers a unique gastronomic experience. In this article, we will explore some of the must-try local specialties that should not be overlooked.

Gourmet brunch and exceptional wines at the Café du Centre

Geneva is renowned for its quality wines, cultivated in the surrounding vineyards. Café du Centre showcases this viticultural richness with its impressive wine list. Among the selection of white wines, the Chasselas from Cave de Sézenove and Hutins in Dardagny offer subtle aromas and delicate freshness. Fans of Aligoté can indulge in the Domaine les Curiades and Les Perrières vintages.

For red wine enthusiasts, the Gamay from La Planta in Dardagny, the Merlot from Domaine des 3 Etoiles in Peissy, and the Pinot Noir from Marc Ramu, Clos des Pins, are choices that reflect the diversity and quality of the region's wines. Café du Centre also offers iconic wines such as the Sauvignon from Jean-Michel Novelle and the Syrah, showcasing the excellence of Geneva's viticulture.

Café du Centre in Geneva offers a diverse menu, featuring a brunch that celebrates the delights of the region. You can also enjoy must-tries such as smoked Label Rouge Scottish salmon prepared by Maison Lucas in Carouge, as well as the Grande Assiette highlighting local cheeses. Seafood lovers will also have the opportunity to savor a selection of oysters and varied seafood platters.

In summary, Café du Centre in Geneva provides a complete experience by combining a delicious brunch with the treasures of Geneva's vineyards, making each visit a memorable moment for food and wine enthusiasts.

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The Authentic Flavors of Switzerland

Located in the heart of Geneva between the 12th-century Maison Tavel and the old Arsenal, Restaurant Les Armures is a true institution. Witness to Geneva's rich heritage, it has established itself as the city's oldest café. Revealing a history spanning centuries, its historic rooms, adorned with 17th-century painted scrolls and wrought iron grilles, transport diners on a journey through time.

Carefully renovated in 1957, Café des Armures has preserved its ancestral charm while offering a warm and relaxed atmosphere, in perfect harmony with its rich past. Now an iconic meeting place in Geneva, the restaurant is today the embodiment of a successful fusion between historical heritage and modernity.

One of Restaurant Les Armures' undisputed signatures is its half-and-half fondue, a delightful combination of Vacherin and Gruyère cheeses. Accompanied by an exquisite Valaisan plate, this specialty embodies the restaurant's commitment to Swiss culinary traditions. Every bite showcases craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients, as well as warm hospitality.

In addition to fondue, the chef's menu offers a variety of authentic Swiss dishes. From veal Zurich-style to grilled Schubling from Saint-Gall to IGP longeole with green lentils from Sauverny, each dish reflects the essence of Swiss cuisine. The chef's suggestions add a contemporary and refined touch to this unique culinary experience.

Restaurant Les Armures, much more than just a dining venue, offers an authentic immersion into Swiss gastronomy and history. Each visit is a celebration of tradition, elegance, and refinement.

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Tasty Local Cuisine

In the heart of Geneva, Restaurant de Savièse has established itself as the expert in Swiss fondue, offering a distinctive culinary experience that combines tradition and creativity. Restaurant de Savièse serves a wide range of fondues highlighting the authenticity and quality of Swiss products. The half-and-half fondue, a subtle harmony of raw-milk Gruyère AOP and thermized-milk Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, takes pride of place on the menu. Lovers of simplicity will be delighted by the homemade fondue, made exclusively from Gruyère AOP.

The establishment also explores daring variations, such as lactose-free goat's cheese fondue. Guests can venture to sample unique creations, such as tomato fondue, champagne fondue, morel fondue, green pepper and shallot fondue, as well as cashew nut fondue, a delightful vegan option.

Fillets of perch, on the menu every Friday as a dish of the day, and smoked trout from the Valais are also featured to highlight delicious Swiss specialties.

Zurich-style veal, accompanied by homemade röstis, and IGP Valais dried meat are further examples of the restaurant's signature cuisine.

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Swiss chocolate for dessert

Treat yourself to the delights of Geneva's emblematic chocolates, including those from Favarger, Sweetzerland, La Bonbonnière and Charlie Ganache.

Explore the creations of Favarger, whose chocolate praline from Avelines, founded in 1922, symbolizes the excellence of Swiss chocolate. Charlie Ganache, a Geneva-based artisan chocolatier, offers a range of ganaches with unique flavors such as Basil, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Raspberry, and many more. Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate with La Bonbonnière, an institution founded in 1921, offering pralines and ganaches of exceptional quality. Finally, with Sweetzerland, you can enjoy artisanal and organic creations such as truffles, pralines, and chocolate bars, combining sustainable luxury and Swiss tradition.

Shopping chocolats en famille

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