Escape game – Bike Workshop – Team building in Switzerland


Escape game are an excellent way to strengthen bonds and promote communication among members of a company. The bike workshop is a unique experience that allows your colleagues to work together to fully rebuild an old racing bike in a limited amount of time. This fun and stimulating activity will showcase everyone's skills and enhance team cohesion.

Immerse your participants in the 50's during the Tour de Romandie, with the urgent need to rebuild a disassembled bike. Strategy and coordination will be required to succeed in reassembling the bike within the given time frame. The bike workshop is an excellent way to improve cooperation and communication within your company.

At the end of the escape game, a friendly moment is proposed with an aperitif accompanied by cold meat and cheese boards. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the experience and strengthen bonds among team members. Your company can also take the company-colored bike home as a trophy to display in your premises.

The bike workshop is a unique experience that will take your team's collaboration to the next level. By working together to rebuild the bike, your team members will learn to better understand each other, communicate more effectively, and cooperate more efficiently. This stimulating activity is an excellent way to strengthen team cohesion and improve communication within your company.

We can also add Tuktuk and e-bike tours to this activity. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated page.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun and stimulating activity for your team, the escape game bike workshop is an excellent option. This unique experience will allow your colleagues to work together towards a common goal and strengthen team cohesion. So, don't hesitate any longer - take your team to the next gear with the bike workshop!