Immerse Yourself in Sensory Escape with ORIGIN Float: A Weightless Journey to Unleash Your Potential

In the relentless tumult of a hyperconnected world, finding moments of calm and serenity becomes increasingly rare. It is with this understanding that we have had the privilege to collaborate with ORIGIN Float, an oasis of tranquility offering a sensory journey in weightlessness.

Origin Float Vélo Taxi

A Respite in the Ephemeral / A Moment Out of Time

ORIGIN Float presents you with a unique escape, a moment out of time where you can float with exquisite lightness. This experience goes far beyond mere relaxation; it invites you to disconnect from the external world and connect with your inner self. Thanks to the sensory isolation provided by floating, ORIGIN Float offers you a unique opportunity to unleash your potential. The stimulation of creativity, imagination, and the facilitation of concentration and learning are among the benefits you can expect from this experience. Floating in saltwater not only provides profound mental relaxation but also contributes to reducing stress and anxiety-related disorders, improving sleep, and allowing for intense relaxation. The weightlessness felt during floating also provides relief for joint and muscle pain. The soothing properties of Epsom salt, used during floating, also promote recovery and alleviate chronic pain.

For sports enthusiasts, floating is not just a relaxing experience but also an effective recovery method. Through visualization during floating, you can enhance your sports performance, a crucial asset for enthusiasts of physical activities.

Origin Float Vélo Taxi

Christmas Time - PROMO Code!
In the spirit of the holiday season, our bike taxis have traversed Geneva to share a sensational new experience: an exceptional 15% discount on the purchase of a gift voucher at ORIGIN Float with the code "WeloFloat."* A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this incomparable sensory journey.

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ORIGIN Float offers much more than a simple floating experience. It's a journey to total tranquility, where each session brings you closer to balance and serenity. Dive into this weightless experience and discover a world where time seems to stand still. ✨