Street marketing


Because your message deserves to be lived!

Experiential marketing

In addition to exceptional visibility for your campaign, Welo offers to your targets a unique marketing experience. 

We offer free rides on your behalf allowing non-intrusive, impactful and surprising 5 senses marketing.

Leave a
positive and emotional mark

Thanks to your Street Marketing campaign, your targets will keep this moment in memory for a long time and share it with their loved ones, themselves becoming ambassadors for your brand.

Our offer also includes flyering/tasting/sampling, free rides as well as the choice of the exact positioning of the vehicles, the people targeted, and the days and hours of your campaign adapted to your strategy.

Available everywhere in Switzerland.


Discover our
case studies

Vineyard Team Building Tour with The European House
Vineyard tour for a team building of 29 people.
Company Outing – Chocolate Workshop
Chocolate Creation Workshop with Tasting Tour
Urban Arts with Les Notaires Réunis
Event: Group Activity Urban Art with a RestoTuk for 16 People

The strengths
of a street marketing campaign

Routes offered to your targets on your behalf

You can choose to offer the shopping to your store, or simply allow passengers to choose their destination.

The driver becomes an ambassador for your brand

They can be briefed on any message to pass on, information on your company, contests to be filled in, explanation of the product, etc. They can also be dressed in your colors and collect data on passengers.

Flyering, sampling, tasting

The driver can also give or have tested in the vehicle any product or flyer, but also outside the vehicle if the law allows.

Exact choice of vehicle positioning according to your strategy

Depending on the targets you are looking to reach, we position the vehicles in the most strategic locations.

Choice of target clientele to which trips are offered

Depending on your strategy, the drivers will offer free journeys to the standard profile that you have previously identified.

Link with social networks

Naturally, passengers post their experience on their accounts and continue to bring your campaign to life. We also recommend that you use the campaign to feed your content with videos, photos, stories. Before the campaign, you also have the possibility of creating engagement by creating a contest in which your followers will have to find the vehicles circulating in town, etc.

Sensory marketing

Reach your targets even more by creating a marketing environment. Music, perfume, ipad in vehicles, tasting, messages passed by the driver, you can touch all the senses of your targets.

Availability everywhere in Switzerland

In all the cities or all the villages of the country, we can move our vehicles and surprise the population with your marketing action. Increased impact in places where we are not yet present.

B2B campaign

Your target is professional, no problem! We offer solutions to reach your customers: shuttles around trade fairs, rides offered around the headquarters of target companies, etc.

Thanks to our Street Marketing campaigns, you will leave a positive and emotional mark on the hearts of your targets.


Mobile display

Unique presentation to increase the sympathy of your brand.

Street marketing

Offer a unique experience and reach your target’s heart.

Mobile advertising
Mobile and interactive advertising
Vehicle of emotions
Available cities
Geneva, Zurich and Basel.
All of Switzerland.
Exceptional visibility
Presence in the city center
Appreciated by the population
Arouses curiosity
Possibility of targeting
Tailor-made campaign
Offer including
Rental of advertising space for vehicles
Circulation of advertising in the city
Distribution of flyers or samples
Rides offered in your name
Uniform of drivers
Interaction with customers
Exact choice of geographic area and target