6 Best Places to Check Out for Chocolate Lovers in Geneva

Geneva's renowned chocolatiers make the city a must-see destination for chocolate lovers from all over the world. Geneva is a city renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage and, of course, its divine chocolate treats. Nestled in the heart of cobbled streets and historic districts are some of the finest chocolate shops, each with its own unique style and tasty creations. 

Geneva's sweet secret: the watchmaking city's chocolate history

The history of chocolate in Geneva goes back many centuries, and is closely linked to Switzerland's history as a renowned chocolate-producing nation. As early as the 17th century, cocoa began to be imported to Europe from the Spanish colonies in Latin America, and Geneva quickly became an important center for the cocoa trade due to its strategic position and close trade links with Spain.

In the 18th century, chocolate became a popular beverage in Geneva society, and chocolate factories began to spring up in the city. In 1819, François-Louis Cailler opened the first Swiss chocolate factory in Vevey, marking the beginning of the modern Swiss chocolate industry. Shortly afterwards, other chocolate pioneers, such as Philippe Suchard in Neuchâtel and Kohler in Zurich, contributed to the growth of the industry.

Geneva's chocolate history is also marked by iconic names. In 1826, Jacques Foulquier, a well-known chocolate confectioner, decided to make chocolate by hand in his Geneva store, thus paving the way for artisanal chocolate production in the city. Later, Jean-Samuel Favarger took over the running of his father-in-law's chocolate factory and founded "Chocolats Favarger".

After this delicious introduction, we hope to have sparked your gourmet curiosity. To facilitate your exploration of these chocolate delights, we've prepared an overview of six major Chocolate Houses established in Geneva, worth visiting during your stay.

Favarger Chocolatier: Tradition, Excellence and Swiss Passion

To experience the traditional craftsmanship of Swiss chocolate, visit Favarger Chocolatier. Founded in 1826, this historic chocolate shop has delighted chocolate lovers with its exquisite creations for generations. Among Favarger's must-try products are the Avelines, delicate hazelnut pralines coated in creamy milk chocolate. Another iconic creation from Favarger is the Nougaline, conceived by the innovative minds of the House in 1932. This exclusive specialty combines three textures in perfect harmony: a creamy praline core, wrapped in a crunchy nougatine shell, all enveloped in a thin layer of milk chocolate. A true delight that will surely win you over!

Charlie Ganache: The Chocolate Artisan

Charlie Ganache tells a story of passion for chocolate and respect for artisanal craftsmanship. From the harvesting of cocoa pods to the meticulous gestures of the chocolate artisans, each step is marked by an absolute commitment to quality. They select the finest ingredients, from single-origin grand crus to yuzu ganaches and Piedmont hazelnut pralines, creating sophisticated recipes with 100% natural ingredients. At Charlie Ganache, each creation narrates a tale of passion and excellence, offering customers an unforgettable chocolate experience.

La Bonbonnière: The Jewel Box of Sweets

Founded in 1921 under the name "Confiserie WERDER," La Bonbonnière has been a renowned chocolate institution for nearly a century. Acquired by Madame Bischof at the end of the war, it was renamed and quickly became synonymous with quality and impeccable service. Under the stewardship of the Allombert and then the Marguerat families, this tradition of excellence continues.

Today, Yvan Loubet and Cédric Rahm carry on this legacy with passion. With 14 years of experience at La Bonbonnière, they have taken over the business to inject new vitality into this establishment. Their ambition is to blend ancestral know-how with a contemporary approach, thus offering their clients an unmatched gourmet experience. La Bonbonnière provides a wide selection of delights, ranging from ganaches and pralines to Geneva pavés, Valais Kirsch cherries, ginger sticks, and candied orange peels. To cater to all preferences, their assortments include "vegan" and "gluten-free" options.

Sweetzerland: For a Chocolate Journey

Rooted in Swiss tradition, Sweetzerland handcrafts its delicacies in its Geneva workshop, showcasing authentic expertise and a commitment to quality. Each confection is meticulously crafted, with a special focus on ethical and local ingredients. Certified organic, Sweetzerland is dedicated to making treats free from preservatives, emphasizing the freshness of their products. Explore their range of seasonal creations, truffle boxes, candied fruits, and much more, and be charmed by their world.

Guillaume Bichet: The Art of Elevating Chocolate

Experience the refined world of Guillaume Bichet, a renowned artisan chocolatier and pastry chef in Geneva. Since opening his shop, Guillaume Bichet has combined passion and perfection in every creation. With an artistic and technical approach, he has pushed the boundaries of innovation, offering unique chocolates and pastries. Guided by a constant quest for excellence and a commitment to the values of sustainable development, he has succeeded in creating unforgettable experiences, in which every flavor is enhanced with finesse. In his shops, you can enjoy a variety of chocolate delights such as Lemon Basil Ganache, Maracuja, or Raspberry.

La Maison du Rhône: Exceptional Chocolate Craftsmanship

Since 1875, La Maison du Rhône has been a renowned chocolate institution known for its high-quality creations. Located in the heart of Geneva, it upholds Swiss traditions by producing artisanal chocolates in its workshop. The chocolates are customized and hand-packed. Since the very beginning, La Maison du Rhône has captivated a prestigious clientele, including Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly, and J.F. Kennedy, with its fascinating recipes and delicate pralines. Their vision is to introduce you to rare cocoa beans, unique recipes, and artisanal customizations, in a world where excellence meets tradition.

Indeed, Geneva is THE dream destination for those among us with a sweet tooth. You won't be able to resist for long, so let yourself be tempted by the magical world of chocolate as you explore the city's unique chocolate shops. To make this experience even more special, consider indulging in the chocolate TukTuk tours offered by Welo. During these tours, you can visit three chocolateries and taste a variety of chocolates, all while being accompanied by your own private chauffeur. This original getaway will reveal all the secrets and behind-the-scenes of making these little chocolate treasures!