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Welo offers unique services for businesses to stand out and show commitment. Street marketing, team building, shuttles, mobile display or delivery, make the choice of sustainability and goodwill.

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Our desire was to have local communication. TaxiBike offers a unique opportunity to see the campaigns displayed in the hyper-center (in Geneva, there are almost no advertising spaces in the downtown area). This type of mobile display allows geolocated advertising. It is a unique and creative solution for staging campaigns with urban workers.

Repetto Anne-Lisa Marketing Manager KLM

Our campaign offered great visibility for the brand thanks to a new offer never seen before in Neuchâtel.

Bao Vanessa Video 2000

The advertising support and experience corresponded to the urban communication of Migros. The campaign allowed a good visibility and an original offer still little seen in the region.

Gomez Maïté Migros Vaud

The advertising medium offers good visibility in the city with an innovative and non-polluting side. The team is very friendly and open to new proposals. The campaign message was well understood, with a very easy distribution of products and a very satisfactory customer feedback.

Rol Catherrine Coop Suisse Romande

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Afternoon Tea: The British tradition to share a moment together over a cup of tea.

Afternoon Tea: The British tradition to share a moment together over a cup of tea.

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Come and enjoy a very original fondue while strolling through the streets of Geneva, a unique gift voucher to offer for Christmas! The best way to enjoy a fondue in a unique way is to board one of our electric TukTuks, snuggled up under woolen duvets and enjoy one of…
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Welcome to a unique sensory experience, where the magic of Swiss chocolate blends with the elegance of our electric Tuktuks. This delightful chocolate ride takes you through the picturesque streets of Geneva to discover the hidden treasures of legendary chocolatiers: Sweetzerland, Favarger, La Bonbonière, or Charlie Ganache. On board our…
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